French Swiss Tranlation

Hello there,

I have some issues about the french tranlation because some terms are different in France, I went to Transifex, to help with the translation and try to find a Swiss French and there isn’t.

Also, in the App, I can’t find other French language than “French” and “French Canada”, but in the Transifex there’s others like “French Belgium”.

If it’s possible, I would like to have one “Swiss French” fr_CH to help translate.



You can request to create a new language in Transifex.

Nice… Thanks @hillel

I just did.
Do you know if it will begin with no translation at all or it will be like a copy of French?

And, for the App, there’s just 2 showing do you know why?

I’m not sure, I assume it would be from blank.

We only include fully translated languages in the app. Also each language currently needs its own complete set, in the future we’d like to support just loading the differences.

When you say fully, it’s in 100% translated?

Because, the version I have it’s not 100% translated.

We require 100% to add a new language, some existing languages may not be 100% translated.

Hello @hillel ,

The Swiss French is fully translated, how can I put it in the system?


I’d add this to my backlog to get done, can you confirm all the translations look appropriate for this locale?

Just to update, i’ve pull in this translation, however the last 800 translations have the default english translation, you’ll want to update these as it is only ~ 70% translated otherwise.

@david I think we may want to wait to add the language until we can support handling languages which are partially different.

@david ,

I’m still working on the translation, but I’m in a little hurry because of some of the translations are in the invoice and I wanted that done quickly, so I got the default english and will continue to do the rest.

Hi @hillel ,

Sorry, but I’m having a lot of problems with this tranlation. I like to have the app updated, but the French translation that wasn’t already good, now is worst.

I saw in the folders that there’s a “fr_CH” folder in it. But, there’s no option to choose in the app.

Don’t you have a little code or someting I can use my translation for Swizterland and not lost it in the update process?

Sorry, the fr_CA language isn’t supported in the app, you’d need to rebuild the app from source to manually add it. We hope to support more languages in the future however it will require a large refactor of the app’s code.


I don’t understand… If there’s already the folder with the language files, why can’t you just put the language to choose and direct to this folder?

If I put all files from fr_CH folder’s into the folder fr, it will work? or there’s some code in it that I need to change?

This may be possible with the React app, @david can you please advise?

For the Flutter app the language would need to be added to the source code and the app rebuilt.


There are some additional steps required to show this language in the selector.

It looks like this language is 97% translated now in transifex, so i’ll work on merging it into the app.

Thank you @david . That would be great.


available in the latest release.

Hi @david .

Thanks… But, I just made the update and changed for fr_CH and now is everything in English.


It looks like we react build was not yet completed when we tagged, i’ll tag another release which will contain all of this.

Thank you!

I’ll wait for the next release.