V5 Install Guide - WHM

@david do you have any suggestions?

When a method cannot be executed, it means an extension hasn’t been loaded. I would suggest double checking by using phpinfo that it is indeed loaded.

I created that and it will not even load.

Error 500 and nothing in the Apache logs.

I’m beyond problem solving Invoice Ninja now. I am losing money so need a solution guys, sorry.


Can you expand on exactly what you did?

The suggestion was to create a file phpinfo.php and place that in the /public directory.

Within that file add the following:



then access the script http://url/phpinfo.php

Sorry David, not my first rodeo here.

I created phpinfo.php and then navigated to https://sub.domain.com/phpinfo.php and got a 500 error.

contents of phpinfo.php:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

I have since started again, clean slate with version 4 and received a memory error so increased this and rerun the installation only to be presented with this message:

Error: app is already configured, backup then delete the .env file to re-run the setup

And if I remove the “/setup” from the URL and replace with a query string to force a reload I get the same.

Are you using a reverse proxy?

Maybe the info here will help: Selfhosting setup failing - #3 by krukoo


I also have v4 self hosted running elsewhere on this server so that’s why I am so confused.

I cleared everything and unzipped 5.5.24 and followed the instructions but still get a 500 error.

Time to look elsewhere I guess.

Dissapointed to be honest.

If you want to share the details of the 500 I’m happy to try to debug.

You also may want to consider using Docker or Softaculous instead.

I’m getting closer.

I created an empty .env file and got the install page but when i got to the MySQL DB section, even though I put in the correct credentials all I get is

could not find driver

I even deleted the database and user and recreated with new credentials.

This may help: php - PDOException “could not find driver” - Stack Overflow

I think that’s already installed:

I did not get this issue with version 4 or 5.5.23.

mysqlnd was not provisioned, that seemed to fix that particular error.

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