Unable to attach docs to an invoice (entreprise plan) on desktop app

Hi, I’m used to attach pictures to invoices and quotes. It works on both the mobile app and online in a web browser, but does not work in the desktop app (v5.5.36-L97 on a linux install) :

  • edit an invoice
  • go to documents tab below the line editor
  • clic on the button to add a file, the button “blinks” once, but no window open

I there a debug mode on the desktop app, or a console I can check to understand what happens ?


I’m not sure this feature is currently supported on Linux, we’ll look into it…

Well, that would be unfortunate, and disappointing. Thank you for looking into it !

Hi, any new information about that ?

Which version of the app are you using? It may help to update to the latest version available.

Hi Hillel, it’s the v5.5.49-L104

That’s the latest, we made a change to give the app permissions to the home directory.

OK, unfortunately no change for me, still the same. The app is installed using snap, if it does make any change.

I just discovered that this bug prevents me to upload any JSON or CSV file too. So I think the bug can be triaged as very annoying, instead of annoying. The workaround is to use the webapp for these tasks where it works flawlessly.

@hillel I checked Invoiceninja’s snap permissions and it does have access to home directory. Is there any debug mode of desktop journal I can run to give you more info about that bug ?

@hillel Is there any debug mode of desktop journal I can run to give you more info about that bug, or help me understand and investigate ? Thank you.

If you can provide more info it would be very helpful!

You would need to run the app from the source code:

Note: we plan to release a new version of the app soon with updated third-party libraries which may help.

OK, I’ll check the new version for sure. I’m not sure if I’ll have the knowledge to build the app from source code, but I’ll try. Thank you !

Hi, I’m on v5.5.71-L105 now, and still unable to upload documents :slightly_frowning_face:. I’ll try to take some time to use the github link you posted.

We’ve run into a problem releasing the new Linux app, it should hopefully be resolved by next week. The next version will be L109.

Thank you for the update, I’ll check for it. In the meantime, at my surprise, I succeeded to start the linux app using the code and flutter, and attaching documents works perfectly on v5.5.71-L109.

Here are the errors that were raised during the test :

** (invoiceninja:33429): CRITICAL **: 09:04:32.943: Failed to read XDG desktop portal settings: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.portal.Error.NotFound: Requested setting not found

The following assertion was thrown building Container(constraints:
0.0<=h<=Infinity; NOT NORMALIZED)):
BoxConstraints has a negative minimum width.
The offending constraints were:
BoxConstraints(w=-41.0, 0.0<=h<=Infinity; NOT NORMALIZED)

The relevant error-causing widget was:

When the exception was thrown, this was the stack:
#0 BoxConstraints.debugAssertIsValid..throwError
AND 263 more lines alike

Another exception was thrown: BoxConstraints has a negative minimum width.

Nice! Thanks for the errors.

I’m now on v5.5.95-L110, and still unable to attach documents. It’s strange because on v5.5.71-L109 built from source code it works. Could it be that the snap encapsulation or sand-boxing is the culprit ? (I checked the permission to access the home folder is granted)

If I use on a regular basis the “built from code” version, will it auto-upgrade ? For that may be a solution for this annoyance.

Yes, I think it’s likely the Snap packaging is related to the problem.

We plan to also provide the app as a Flatpak which may help.

If you build from code you’ll need to update the code from Github to run the latest version.

OK, thank you for these informations. I’ll consider my options, waiting for the non-snap package :wink: