Todays Date (:DAY?) in Product Description V5

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I’m attempting to create products with description field that puts ‘Today’s date’ just in the same way there is :MONTH, :YEAR. However, I can’t find :DAY.
I’m a missing something?

A product example I am attempting to create:

“XYZ Service :DAY, :MONTH, :YEAR”

I have referenced the following resource:

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@david is this supported/thoughts on adding it?

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We support :DATE fields only in the custom fields.

You could proxy ones of these as the equivalent of a product key

Hi @david ,

Can you kindly elaborate.

How can the outcome be achieved?

Thank you.


If you go to Settings > Custom Fields

Add a custom field for Products by giving it a name and then saving.

Then in Invoice Design > Product columns add this custom field and then save.

When you now edit an invoice this column will be available to add these special keywords.

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Hi @david,

Brilliant, I appreciate it.

Thank you.

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