The v5 Windows and macOS desktop apps are now available 🚀

Microsoft Store:

Apple App Store:

Using Flutter for the v5 frontend enables us to compile one codebase to six platforms: web, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux.

The desktop/mobile apps provide far better performance than the web app because rather than running in the browser they run directly on the CPU.


Awesome, thanks a lot!
I just installed it on Windows 10 and found a weird bug.
When tapping the backspace button to correct typos, I get this character:

Thanks for trying it out!

It may be related to this issue, it should be resolved with their next release.

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For whatever reason my AppStore doesn’t work. Is it possible to get a direct download?

Seems to work really well, nice job.
One problem actually - something is wrong with scaling of PDFs. On 1920x1200 PDF’s font looks like from heavily compressed screen. If I resize window with Invoice Ninja a little, font is fixing. Not sure if you can fix this, but surely it is annoying.


Kinda worrying thing - CPU % usage when I’m doing literally nothing is around 10%. This is definitely, how it shouldn’t work. What is this app doing in background, can you tell us?

We believe it is a framework issue causing the increased CPU usage.

Seems like really it is:
People are reporting that problem is caused by windows event loop code.
Possibly fix is here:

Personally, I would not use desktop app if Flutter is gonna eat my CPU constantly. But your choice if you use this fix, I have web app anyway.

Excited about this! I can confirm the PDF Scaling Issue as well as some overlapping text in the ‘Client Settings’ (but after seeing this, I tested in the Web and its doing the same)


We are looking into the PDF issue and will most likely swap out the current implementation for a different one.


The installer is available here but there may be certificate issues trying to use it without the store.

If you’re having trouble with the Windows Store the info here may help:

YES! Thank you guys so much! I’ve waited for this!

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Bummer this issue exists. I had the same problem with steady 15-25% CPU usage no matter if I was actually using the app or not.

I still think the desktop app holds a lot of hope and it was great to try it out. I couldn’t find an issue of this in your Github repo. Let me know if you want me to make one, as it would be a great way to be notified when it’s fixed and thus I can use the Windows app again…

You can add a Issue here

@hillel will update when we have some movement.

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Hi guys - Testing the client on Linux Mint. Everything seems to work great, however when viewing PDF’s I get ‘Exception, this device does not support viewing PDF documents’

I have configured my server to use snappdf for generation, which works fine from the web client.

Kind Regards

We’re waiting on a library we’re using to support it, you can follow the progress here:

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We finally have a solution for the CPU issue, it will be included in the next release within a few days.


I just installed newest version of desktop app (Windows) and I’m impressed by progress so far. CPU issue is gone and app is running really fast (in comparision to web app, MUCH FASTER!). I’m moving everyone to this release, good job!

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