The new Invoice Ninja [ALPHA]

We are extremely excited to share the ALPHA release of the new Invoice Ninja!

Note: this app must be setup separately from the current app, we’ve built a migration tool to enable transferring your data and settings between the apps. We will continue to support the current version of the app but will be renaming it to Invoice Ninja (Legacy) to try to limit confusion.

IMPORTANT: This is an early release of the app, we do NOT recommend using the app in production just yet. We plan to release beta and stable releases in about three and six months time. Our long term plan is to provide a superset of all of the features the current version of the app provides.

The best place to provide feedback is on Slack:
Note: make sure to update to the latest self-host version (v4.5.18) to see the migration option.

You can follow our work on GitHub here:

Here are some added features & improvements to app:

  • Added group settings
  • Changed PDF design to HTML/CSS
  • Multiple payment gateways now supported
  • Support applying one payment across multiple invoices
  • Increased number of companies from 5 to 10
  • Increased number of custom fields from 2 to 4
  • Increased number of tax rates from 2 to 3
  • Support for unlimited custom invoice designs
  • Support enabling inclusive taxes at the client level
  • Users can now belong to multiple companies
  • Added ability to assign records to users
  • Added option to determine when the invoice number is set
  • Added option to receive notifications for failed payments
  • Added email template for partial payments
  • Added option to track product cost to calculate the markup
  • Added custom field types: text, multiline, dropdown, date or switch
  • Third party service requests/responses are now logged
  • All features are available in the mobile app(s)
  • We plan to release desktop versions of the app later in 2020

Will PHP 7.4 be officially supported? Right now invoices on IN 4.x cannot be viewed in 7.4.

Yes, we will support PHP v7.4 with the new version of the app

That’s great! I’m looking forward to it.

Hey, guys,

Wow what a fabulous job, what a great team!

Can’t wait to discover and test this new version.

I had already turned the news up last year:

  • Did you by any chance include the dates in “paid to date” (see picture).

Indeed, I was saying that the invoice date and the payment date are always different! In Europe, the date of payment must also be mentioned on the invoice.

Is it possible to add it please as shown by the capture ?

Thank you very much.

It may be possible with a custom design

Is there any way we can get a cost and sale field in the product description? It would be nice to see what my profit break down is per item and per invoice.

Have you tried the new version? It should be an option now

Good morning, if I download the currnet 5.04 release (not the source code!) - do I still to install using compiler install?

With the release zip you shouldn’t need to use composer

@Hillel Coren: I downloaded the release zip, extracted and set webroot to /public/ folder. Instead of showing the setup I get a login screen. Is the webroot different to current stable 4.5 version?
Are there alpha specific installation information available?


If you have an existing database called ninja, this certainly could happen as the default database is ninja.

You will need to create a database with a different name and update the .env file in the project root.

Once that has been done, you could try running

php artisan optimize

Once done, you should be presented with a setup screen.

I deleted the test database and run ‘php artisan optimize’

Configuration cache cleared!

Configuration cached successfully!

Route cache cleared!

Routes cached successfully!
`Files cached successfully!
still getting the login screen

Needed to add /setup to run the install wizard

I was looking into updating the InvoiceNinja package on Cloudron. Did I understand correctly that 5.x is not meant for production yet and we should continue to package the 4.x releases (so 4.6.0 is the latest now)?

From the releases pages, it’s hard to make out that 5.x is actually alpha. I did manage to get it installed but everything looks like a mobile view even on desktop currently. It also asks for URL when logging in, not sure what that is. Is this thread the best place to report such comments?


As it says above… “IMPORTANT: This is an early release of the app, we do NOT recommend using the app in production just yet.”

Also above… “The best place to provide feedback is on Slack:

What’s the login for the demo?

Hmmm… there shouldn’t be a login, it’s a bug. I’ll work on a fix…

A fix has been deployed, thanks for letting us know about the problem!

Thanks for the great work,

Will it be possible to pay more than one invoice at a time for one payment ?

I do sell my services for another company for which I’m working on many projects. And for that, I’m producing many invoices for which they sometimes pay me with only one payment.

As far as I know, it is not possible in v4.5.18 to add multiple due invoices in the payment page and pay them all at once

And I can’t find how to do that in this alpha version.