Reminders are not sent

Hi @KrisL

I can confirm same, endless reminders are not sending. i’ll need to dive into this.

Okay great, thank you.


I’ve checked in a fix for this in v5.3.43 let me know if the issue persists for you.

Thanks, I’ve updated the instance and will keep an eye on the recurring invoices next week.

Endless reminders are still not mailed. The instance is now on v5.3.43-C68.

I see there is a message “pending jobs, count: 5”. Can this be an issue? Where can I see what these pending jobs are?


If there are pending jobs it could be mean the queue is being used but is not running.

I use supervisor with 3 processes, all 3 are in the state “RUNNING”. When I restart them, nothing changes for the pending jobs.

@david do you have any suggestions?

We rely on Laravel reporting for this. I don’t think it is 100% accurate from previous feedback.

still the same here…