Reminder is not sent automatically

For some time now, the reminders have no longer been sent automatically, even though everything is set up correctly:


Is the next send date set correctly for the invoices?

It is not about recurring invoices but about reminders when a payment has not yet been made. Previously, payment reminders were sent automatically by email, but this no longer works.

Understood. Both standard and recurring invoices use the next send date to determine when to send the next email.

One example:
An invoice was created and sent on 19.12.2023.
The due date was 29/12/2023.
The first reminder should have been sent one day before the due date (28/12/2023) - but was not sent.


@david do you have any suggestions?

Is there any news on this topic?
How can I reactivate the automatic sending of reminders?

Are you using the latest version of the app?

I believe if you update the reminder settings and save them it will recalculate the next send dates for the invoices. If that doesn’t work you can try resaving a specific invoice.

Yesterday I updated from 5.8.3 to 5.8.9 and saved the settings for the reminders again. However, reminder 3 was not sent automatically today. It is noticeable that the next dispatch date is in the past. I therefore also had to send the 3rd reminder manually. Of course, it is not possible to save the invoice again, as it is blocked for processing when it is sent.

@david do you have any ideas to debug this?

By sending the reminder manually, no further invoice with the late payment surcharge is generated!

Do you have the lock invoice feature enabled with late fees, @david could it be related to the issue?

See screenshot from 29.12.23:


In another issue, you wrote that it is absolutely necessary to block the invoice when it is sent so that a new invoice can be generated for the late payment surcharge.

Is there a solution to this problem in the meantime?

If you can reproduce the problem you may want to create an issue on GitHub.

I will used that open items regarding sending reminders to non paied invoiced.

For some invoices I have “Next send date” and for someone I do not have that. Why ?



@pcstran This is exactly the same problem that I have.

@david do you have any thoughts?

It is possible if invoice was copied from another one?

@pcstran It also happens when an invoice is recreated (without a copy).