Reminder is not sent automatically

I have now opened a issue for this:

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I can confirm, all new created invoices working fine.

If invoice was cloned from last year - that reminder not working properly.

Thanks for sharing that info!

cc @david

No problem…

New one created.

Copied invoice

Ok, so this only impacts invoices from previous versions?

The next dispatch date (10/02/2024) is calculated correctly, but no mail is sent.

Just again for your understanding:

Recurring invoices are sent automatically, so this cron works correctly. But reminders for overdue payments are no longer sent automatically. This problem still exists and urgently needs a solution.

The first reminder should have been sent automatically on 20/02/2024. But this did not happen!

How can the automatic mailing of payment reminders be reactivated?

Hi guys. I am writing to say what is new on that.
After I said copied invoices not working but in few weeks there was created many invoices and this is new information from me.

If invoice created and have status (sent) - I have date for “NEXT SEND DATES”.

When invoice change status for “Not PAIED” - this information for next send dates GONE.