Release Annoucements

v5.3.84 is now released!

UI/UX changes for improved accessibility.

Increase the storage space within Custom Fields from 191 characters to 64k

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Here are some details about the changes in the admin portal:

  • Added pagination when loading large accounts
  • Added a date filter at the top of the reports
  • You can now copy email addresses or click to view related records in the datatables (for example an invoice’s client), long pressing has a secondary action (send email and edit record).

New release now available, Stripe ACH instant bank verification + bug fixes.

I’m really loving the UI improvements in v5.3.91 such as utilising the space available and the new button stylings. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks, that’s great to hear! We have many more improvements planned…

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v5.3.92 has several important features.

  1. Page numbering is now available on PDFs, to enable this, navigate to Settings > Invoice Design and the bottom you can enable page numbering and there are alignment options available. Currently, page numbers are only available at the bottom margin of the PDF.

  2. CSV Exports are now available in Settings > Import|Export

  3. Memory improvements for the self updater, this should (hopefully) reduce the memory overhead when performing the self update.

v5.3.93 is here!

This is a big release!

We are now bundling into the release our React Web Application for those that prefer a web type feel.

You can enabled the react app by using a .env variable


We have implemented the main set of functions, and will continue to develop the other modules in parallel from now:

Currently available modules

Recurring Invoices

If you could test and provide any feedback, we’d greatly appreciate it!

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I have set the variable REACT_APP_ENABLED=true in the .env.

is there anything else that needs to be done? So far the usability and feel of the web interface seems the same…?

EDIT: Performed a php artisan optimize and refreshed the page, can see the changes now! Perhaps add this to the release notes :slight_smile:

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What are the advantages to the react app enabling?

The current v5 app is built with a cross-platform framework, this enables us to compile one codebase to mobile, desktop and web apps. While this is great for the developers (we need to write less code) there are tradeoffs. The framework introduces an abstraction layer which can reduce performance and prevent certain standard browser features from working correctly (ie. the spell checker, password managers).

The new React v5 app is built with standard HTML/CSS/JS so should preform better (in particular on lower powered machines) and just feel more natural in general. We plan to continue to improve the new desktop app however over time will replace the current web app with the new React web app.

It’s also worth mentioning that the new v5 web/desktop app began its life as the v4 mobile app. We’re continuing to work to improve the UX but it’s a large part of why the app can feel constrained. The React app follows v4 very closely so should feel much more familiar to long time users of the app.

When logging in with the current app, all data for the company is loaded. The new React app only loads data as needed. For larger accounts this will provide a much better user experience.

The React v5 interface feels fast and didn’t notice any errors while poking around. Simple things like being able to use Bitwarden to login and having the browser check spelling appear to work. I had to go back though since tasks aren’t ready yet.

I stopped trying to use the desktop app since v4’s time tracker would segfault and haven’t looked back.
Why bother installing on multiple devices and operating systems when I can just open the web page?


v5.3.94 - UI Redesign / Purchase order stubs, Scheduled Reporting Stubs, Fixes for recurring invoice scheduler.


Fixes for presentation of emails when displayed in Microsoft Outlook.
Revert Zip package for self updater

Inventory Management,
Purchase Orders (API Only)
Bug Fixes
Negative surcharge support
Memory adjustment for queue

Lots of small quality of life improvements!

Another big release just tagged. Lots of quality of life improvements, and we now allow switching from the Flutter application to the react app from within the flutter app.

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Still no price tax per item on invoice :((

Fixes for database types where json columns are not supported.