Payment links add terms and withdrawl checkbox

Hey, I believe the following function has not been introduced yet. When customers place an order online through the payment link, especially when it comes to service provisions, we need some approvals. The customer must accept our terms and conditions and the information on the right of withdrawal. The current conditions that will be referred to are the standard terms and conditions if I see that correctly.


There’s an option to enable this on Settings > Client Portal > Authorization.

So I need to create a sub group for those to change the deafult text right?

You can if you want this to only apply to certain clients.

Hey so I tried that out, but using payment links it still referred to the standard one not to the specific one for my group.

Did you set the group in the payment link?

Yes, payment link and product.

What do you meany by product? The app only supports setting the group for the payment link.

Sorry I was in the wrong section, I meant customer :see_no_evil:.

Just to be clear… the group is set on the payment link but when the client is created they don’t belong to the selected group?

No, the group is manually set in both the client and the payment link but on the invoice the terms are not those set in the group their the standard ones.

Does this problem only occur if a payment link is used or do you always see the issue?

At the moment I just see the issue with the payment links. I will double check on Monday.

So I just double checked. The problem only occurs when invoicing happens over the payment link.

@david do you have any thoughts?