Optional services are not displayed on the purchase page


I am using Invoice Ninja as a self-hosted version in a Docker container with the version number 5.7.58. When I use the payment link for my “SLA” (Service Level Agreement), there is an optional add-on that a customer can add to it. However, this add-on does not appear on the website, so the customer can only purchase the SLA plan.


If you add /v2 to the end of the link you should see the optional products.

Thanks for the quick reply. adding /v2 worked.

Now Taxes are not be added to the sub total.

Version 1:

Version 2:

Also using every other payment method besides Credit card will not create a recurring Invoice.

@david can you please advise?


first hope you all had a great christmas.

just updated to the latest Version (v5.63-L146). Now the Payment-Link Option (v2) is not Working at all, and in v1 no Images will be Displayed.

@david can you please advise?

hey @hillel and @david any updates? I still have the issue that now the /v2 Link is not showing anything.

5.8.4 is tagged with fixes for /v2 payment links, just to note, /v2 links are still beta quality

Thanks, @david. I know they’re in beta, but they worked fine for some time. :smile:

@david Updated my system today, but still running into the issues described above. v1 links work fine, v2 says the product is unavailable.

Hey, are there any updates here? I upgraded to version 5.8.22 over the weekend. Unfortunately, I still have the problem that v1 links work fine, but v2 links show “Product not available.”.

New Version of Payment Links we be available sometime soon Subscriptions feedbacks and questions - #3 by david