One client, many contacts = same portal?

Again, no docs found on this. What is the logic behind the client portal access when one client has many contacts. Let’s say there is a General Manager, Accountant and a Department Head.

Invoices go only to Department head.
In this case, can Accountant and General Manager see them in their client portal?

Really need a separate page in documentation about Client Portal…


The contact needs to be included in the invoice for it to be visible to them in the client portal.

In other words, everyone should be included in the invoice email?
What if GM doesn’t want to receive an email but would like to keep an eye on his accountant and dept. head?

I don’t believe that’s currently supported, feel free to create an issue to request it.

Ok, what about the rest:

  • Invoices - contact must be included in invoices email.
  • Recurring invoices -
  • Payments -
  • Quotes -
  • Credits -
  • Payment Methods -
  • Documents -
  • Statements -
  • Subscriptions -

I believe all records work the same way

If this is correct, then the “add to invoices” option in the contacts is mislabeled.

But :slight_smile:
I just created two dummy contacts under a dummy client. One has “Add to invoices” ENABLED, one has it DISABLED.

Both can access the client portal and see the same things…

Maybe there is a doc that describes what is going on? Or is this an unexpected behavior?

That setting determines whether the contact will be added to future invoices. I suggest checking if both contacts are checked in the invoices they can see in the client portal.

I’ve created a dummy quote,

Still both contacts are able to see it…

Same with invoices, sorry, didn’t see you replied before I tried quotes…

@david can you please advise?

What links are both contacts using to access the portal?

I’ve logged in separately in different browsers (incognito mode) through the /client slug (direct link to the login screen). Same thing for both users.
Then logged out.
Then verified that option is on for one contact and off for another.
Created and emailed new invoice, with only one contact checked.
Logged in different browsers again, and both users can see the new invoice.
I can record the screen if you’d like.

If the contact has access to the client portal, then they have full access for everything IN the client portal.

The contact invitation link, is only to track which contact is clicking and viewing the document.

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Sorry for providing incorrect information at the start of the thread.

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@david thank you for replying.

Could somebody clarify the following

  1. I reviewed the docs about clients Free Source Available Invoicing, Expenses & Time-Tracking | Invoice Ninja and didn’t find a mention of regulating access to Client Portal there. How can one restrict or allow access to the portal?
  1. Does it mean that the tracking link is only in the email and the “View” button inside the Client Portal does not tracking views?

  2. The following screenshot is correct?

You can set password protection on the client portal which will force anyone - including people with a portal URL - to enter their credentials prior to logging into the portal. By default password protection is disabled meaning that anyone with a valid link has direct access.

The add to invoices toggle adds a contact specific link that can be tracked when clicked to identify the contact who viewed the document.

I appreciate the time you took to reply.

I’m aware of passwords. It is turned ON on my side. This doesn’t explicitly restrict contacts from accessing the portal - they can just reset the password. So
every contact always has access to the portal - no way to regulate this.

  1. This is confusing the matter further. The toggle “Add to invoices” is mislabeled then. Since it responsible for personalized links, not the emails.
    These links will be generated for emails only, or it’s a system-wide option for personalized tracking links?

Turning it off, doesn’t change the state of the Checkbox in the new invoice/quote/credit.
I actually can’t turn it off for some reason :slight_smile:
Toggle broken

every contact always has access to the portal - no way to regulate this.

That is correct. They always have ultimate access to the portal.

  1. Not sure i follow. When you toggle this on for a client, it creates a separate invitation link dedicated to that contact. I’m not sure what you mean by system wide. The invitation is unique for the contact AND the document.

Understood. Thank you for clarification.

I’m sorry I’m not being clear. Allow me to illustrate.

If this toggle (Add to invoices) is ON - then the “INDIVIDUAL” tracking link will be generated for Email AND for the client portal.
Just for the emails?

That is correct. The link in the email - when clicked - we resolve the contact as they enter the client portal.