New User Invitations Not Sending

Please assist.

None of the new user invitations I am trying to send appear to even be leaving the Invoice Ninja platform.
I have updated to version 4.5.18 in the hopes that this would resolve the issue.

I have also looked at the numerous posts from other people from as far back as 2016 with no resolutions.
I am self-hosting using Softaculous.

When I send a test email, it goes through to the recipient. When I send a quote or invoice, that goes through without any issues. When I check the mySQL database, I can see the invitation tokens have been generated, but on Office365 exchange management, there is no sign of the email being sent.

This is becoming an issue. Thankfully, all other features are working, and we are able to use the one account, but I would love it if we could add multiple users.

Thanks in advance anyone who can offer some guidance here.


This issue seems to affect some install but not others, we’re not sure why yet.

Have you tried testing with a different email provider?

Hi Hillel

Yes. I did try with a completely different mail provider.

I use to check emails coming from invoice ninja as they were being marked as spam. It doesn’t even detect an email coming from the invoice ninja platform when sending a user invitation.

When changing email providers did you confirm the new provider details were being used by sending a test invoice?

If you want to debug the code here’s the function which should be getting called:

Hi Hillel

Yes I can confirm that it is working when I change providers.

I do have another installation running on a different domain.

User invitations successfully send from that instance of Invoice Ninja without any issues.

This is very confusing.

My only other option at this point is to uninstall Invoice Ninja from the problematic domain, and reinstall it. I’m a bit hesitant to do that, but if I need to I will make sure that everything is backed up before hand.

Are you using the same email provider on the both installs? I suggest comparing the .env files between the installs.

Also, to be clear… when changing providers you need to check that the new provider is being used, not that it just still sends.

Yes. I can confirm that the new provider is definitely being used when testing.

Will have a look at the .env files and compare.

Thank you

Have looked at the .env files.
They are identically configured, aside obviously from the credentials, database name, etc.

Is there anything else I can check before I need to re-install the instance of Invoice Ninja?

Thanks for your assistance so far

Very strange… you could try manually setting $invitor to false here to see if it helps

Thanks for the response.

When I change the $invitor setting to anything except null and try to do anything within the app, it tells me “Oops, look like something went wrong”

Any other suggestions?

I’d guess you have a typo, you should just add: $invitor = false; on a new line

I apologise.

I am not very familiar with PHP. Could you please tell me which line would be best to add that expression.
When I tried it, I got the same error in the application.


Line 21 should work

Added the expression on line 21. The application didn’t break, but user invitations are still not being sent out.

I am going to reinstall the app and see if that resolves.

If you think of anything else I can try, please let me know.

Thank you

Hi Hillel

I trust you are well.

We are still experiencing this issue. Would you happen to know if this has been resolved in the beta version of self-hosted Invoice Ninja?



The beta version is a complete rewrite, it’s likely this issue should be resolved

I am having trouble installing the beta version.
I can’t unfortunately install it on the same server, so am trying to set it up on an AWS instance.

Is there a slightly easier to understand guide I could follow?

I have still the problem: invoices are sent, invitations not. What can I do?

Our new user invites are being sent, we haven’t had any issues with outgoing email.

Does it make a difference if you send invite to another domain - perhaps or etc ?