New Fields Country Code appearing in Zapier

I see a new field in Zapier appearing titled as Country Code - When I feed in the Payment Gateway Country information - say Australia - The Zap gives Invalid Data error.
What should be entered instead now?
Is that a country text info or something?
Its failing all our Zaps!
Has the field changed?


The field expects a 3 character country code (ie, USA).

When was this made a mandatory field in IN… cos all our previous Zaps used Country as a field. It even accepts a 2 char code like AU?

I don’t believe the field isn’t mandatory

I think it should support ‘AU’ as well

In our case when I am putting the Code as AUD, its showing an error 503 in Zapier. Any reason for that?

The code for Australia is AUS

I tried AUS - We are getting a 503 error in Zapier when it hits the Zapier. None of the Zaps work again…

I think the 503 may have been a temporary error, can you please try again now.

I tried like 7 times. Its again giving us a 503…

Ok, we’ll look into it now.

Sorry for the trouble!

We think the problem may have been due to blocked IPs, we’ve just white labeled them.

Can you please try again?

Thanks Hillel!
The Zaps started to work.
Next issue - Our invoices are not visible in our V5 edition. And if we like to have another user added to the system, how do we do that?

Is it possible you need to refresh the data to see it? I suggest finding the invoice number from the zap logs and then use the search on the dashboard screen to find it.

You can change to an enterprise plan on Settings > Account Management to add users.

Continuation to the issue mentioned above - The 2 digit field AU works as a field in IN. This is the format fed in from Stripe as a default.
However, IN is not mapping it to the correct country for some reason.
Can this be explained or indicated where are we erring?

What country is AU mapping to in the app?

@david any thoughts?

AU as iso 3166 2 = australia.

We suggest using ISO 3166 3 or 2

@david Its not our call on it. Stripe feeds the info as a ISO 3166 2. And we expect the mapping to be done across. The problem comes when we have new entries of clients, which are not AU. They too get AU in their country field.
Hope this makes sense.


I am coming in a little late here, so I need some time to understand.

Are you creating a new client via Zapier?

Can you forward a sample of the data zapier is trying to send in to Invoice Ninja.

@david Sure. Can send you a sample.