Latest version of the v2 demo

Hey everyone,

We’ve just deployed the latest version of the v2 demo which now includes some basic reports.

We’re hoping to be able to share the first Alpha selfhost release in about a month ?

Hi Hillel,

Very nice & promising !

Is the new version stable enough to start the translations ?


Thanks, that’s great to hear! The new version shares the same translations with the legacy version so it should be mostly translated from the start. There are some new strings which have been added, you can see them here. Thanks for your help!

Hi Hillel,

I found strange strings in Transifex : Custom Client 1 four times (not 1, 2, 3 and 4)…


It’s a bug, we plan to update the language files over the weekend.

Thanks again for your help!


Small question : Custom Surcharge 1 => Customs or customized ??

A custom surcharge is an extra cost which can be added to an invoice or quote, a common example would be ‘Shipping’.

Ok, almost done for french. Need to wait until I can access the new version to see what really are the fields for, so I can adjust the translations.


I was peaking into V2 demo Settings. Seems like Currency format is still an issue.
I would recommand reading through again.

This is an issue for non-english user.

Thanks for your concern.

Thanks for bringing this up! We’ll look into it…

This looks great so far. Are there any plans to add an inventory module at all for V2?

Thanks :slight_smile: Yes, we plan to (eventually) add basic inventory support in v2.

Hi all,

In Switzerland, we use alternatively :

  • CHF in front: CHF 123.00
  • CHF after : 123.00 CHF
  • F front: F 123.00
  • F after : 123.00 F

We also need to be able to manage this because it depends on the context and the uses of the industry…

Thanks for the feedback, that’s useful to know!

Hello Hilel,
In V2 Beta, Coinbase does it work again?
Because according to messages and tests it is impossible to use Coinbase.


Not yet but hopefully in the future

Do you intend to write about the migration process? I’m happy to do some tests but I don’t want to destroy my current environment :wink:

Thanks for the offer!

The new version is designed to be setup along side the current version, the migration can be run multiple times if there are any problems.

No DB changes ? Which config for the vHost (Nginx) ? How to configure PhantomJS ? Are all custom fields migrated too ?

If I undestand your message, the new version uses same DB, same dir… as the actual version ?

If I try to migrate, how can I use the new version for testing and still use the actual for production ?

I need a little bit help…