Invoice Ninja v5 Self Hosted - Config / Cron Job Issues

Following on from my post:

I have done a 100% clean install of IN5 on our server and followed these steps:

Create account in WHM
Then login to cPanel AS THAT USER
Install SSL
Create MySQL DB
Set PHP version to 8.1
Set memory_limit to 128M

Upload Invoice Ninja ZIP file
Set cPanel File Manager to show hidden and dot files
Now copy those files to public_html
Navigate to public_html & rename the .env.example to .env

Setup Cron job:
/usr/bin/ea-php81 -d register_argc_argv=On /home/[ACCT]/public_html/artisan schedule:run

Setup Invoice Ninja:

Update Invoice Ninja:

Set email address in .env:

Set user in WHM to give Shell access to user

Yet despite this I still get no emails from the cron
No emails when I send from IN even though it says sent
And the warning triangle is still there

I’m at the end of my rope here guys, tried everything.

Thanks @hillel @david @xoo and especially @accessweb for all your help.

On some webhosts, they may have a specifc php binary to execute so

&& /usr/local/bin/php

may not work.

We use Laravel 9 as the base framework, so it may be worth asking your webhost if there is any specific requirements to execute the crons ie path to PHP for a Laravel 9 application etc etc

We’ve tested the app on multiple cPanel servers and can confirm that the crons “can” work on shared hosting, but due to the range and variability between configurations of shared hosting it is impossible to work out why the crons may not be running in some instances.

I’ll go back to the server admins with this.

What about the emails not sending? Any thoughts on that?

I’m inclined to agree with @cpaschen on this with his post:

If I had decided to move my primary business billing system from Invoice Ninja v4 to Invoice Ninja v5 my business would have basically been bankrupt within 1 week.

How do you feel @hillel about taking money from people for the self hosted version when it can’t be easily implemented?

I have version 4 running and it works fine but upgrades have always been nothing short of a pain in the backside and hardly every work first time.

I then get told to move to version 5 so I am trying this out ona new client who now is not paying me as the platform has never worked and I can’t even recommend the platform to other clients who are looking for a billing platform.

Is it time to look elsewhere perhaps?

That post is from a while ago, since then we’ve made significant improvements to the v5 app and are also developing a new React frontend.

My experience says otherwise Hillel.

We’ve been at this weeks now, over 2 months and still I can’t get the platform to work and have followed every instruction.

I’m willing to try… Again…

But this has to work.