Invoice cancelation

Hey there,
I just have a question - how can I cancel an invoice with an already fully applied payment?

  • a cancelation invoice (in Germany an invoice with negative amount is requiredfor the tax office)
  • the payment is refunded
  • the Saldo is 0

Thank you for your help in advance!


@david any thoughts?


I believe the system we have implemented after advice from users like @ecomsilio was that in this scenario as you cannot modify the original document, you create a new invoice with negative values which offsets the original invoice.

You can then mark this negative invoice as paid to create the documentation you need to “reverse” or “cancel” the invoice.

But how do I handle the refund?


It depends on the outcome you wish to achieve documentation wise.

By default, if you refund in the application, this will reverse the payment and also reset the invoice balance to the owed amount.

I think in your region, you may need follow the steps i outlined above, and then perform the refund within Stripe back to the client.

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