How to create a payment on account in advance?

What are the steps to put a credit on to a client account in advance of an invoice later on in the year.

EG: client pre-pays an amount.
I need to to see it on their account as a credit, and the credit to show on their statement.
Then later i can use the credit to pay off any invoices, or one later ?


There are two ways to accomplish this:

  • Create credits for the clients
  • Enable the “apply payments later” option on Settings > Payment Settings to support creating payments without specifying an invoice

I’ve created a credit
But then can’t use payment to get the credit amount to show on their account.
I get an error “The credit amount can not be greater than the payment amount”
even though both credit and payment value is the same ???

Can you send a screenshot of the edit payment screen?

Must to be doing wrong somewhere.

Just want to create a cedit note, then pay it on to their account, then mark it off against
transactions afterwards, then provide a client statement showing credit amount.

Thanks for the screenshot! Two things:

  • There are no invoices selected, does the client have any?
  • If you’re using credits you may want to disable the “apply payments later” option

No invoice, won’t be until August, I get the same message after changing “Apply Payments Later”
except the top amount box doesn’t show.

The app requires an invoice to apply a payment against the client. If you’d like to keep a payment on file you can create a payment with an amount set instead of creating a credit.

Thanks, have created a payment, payment shows on client’s tab.
State shows unapplied, I’ve applied the payment, the amount shows on the client’s “Paid to Date”
Payment status stays the same after applying payment.
Payment doesn’t show on Client’s statement - same as you having a bank account only showing money out.

Did you create an invoice to apply the payment? I thought you weren’t planning to create the invoice yet.

Can you check that the payments option is checked on the view statement page?

Payments is ticked, tried changing date range - no differrence.
Is it because the payment hasn’t changed from “UnApplied” ?
Unable to change status of “UnApplied” payment

Did you create an invoice to apply the payment to?

@david any thoughts on why the payment wouldn’t show on the statement?

No just created a payment only. As no invoice until a lot later.

How did you apply the payment then?

I selected “Apply Payment” from the item on the payments tab for the client.
Clicked Apply to the next “Apply Payment” prompt.

If I edit the applied fields in the payments table for the client the status changes to “Completed”, but still doesn’t show on statement.

Thanks, understood. If no invoice was selected then the payment wasn’t applied, we’ll adjust the UI to make this clearer.

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Thanks, but there won’t be an invoice, as it’s a payment on account for a future invoice/invoices.
Same as your depositing money at the bank, and your bank statement not showing deposits.

Payment needs to be marked as completed, and applied field updated, also client balance to subtract payment eg: show negative amount on account if client had zero balance.

Currently having to edit payments and client tables to show correct info.

Looks like client statement only shows invoice payments and no others ??

Not sure I understand your first comment, you wrote there won’t be an invoice but also that the payment is for future invoices.

Sorry, it isn’t how the app is designed. Payments remain unapplied until they are applied against an invoice.

The App should also require a credit to apply a receipt against, or overpayment ?
When payment type is credit or bank transfer ?