How to build admin-portal web app on window

I’m trying to build an admin-portal web app to test changes in the language file I want to update while waiting for the official version to sync changes from Transifex. However when I run

flutter run -d chrome

I always get this error:

/C:/Users/PhoBo/AppData/Local/Pub/Cache/hosted/ Error: The 
getter 'bodyText2' isn't defined for the class 'TextTheme'.
 - 'TextTheme' is from 'package:flutter/src/material/text_theme.dart' ('/D:/flutter/packages/flutter/lib/src/material/text_theme.dart').
Try correcting the name to the name of an existing getter, or defining a getter or field named 'bodyText2'.
      color ??= Theme.of(context).textTheme.bodyText2!.color;

Flutter version information that I am using:

Flutter 3.22.1 • channel stable •
Framework • revision a14f74ff3a (5 days ago) • 2024-05-22 11:08:21 -0500
Engine • revision 55eae6864b
Tools • Dart 3.4.1 • DevTools 2.34.3

I’m building admin-portal from the develop branch.
How can I fix this error?


We’re currently using Flutter 3.19.6.

I’m curious to know why you’re building the web app rather than the desktop app?

Thanks for your response, now I can run the web application.

I want to test building an admin-portal web app after making some changes in the language files and then replacing the flutter web app files in invoiceninja.
I’m following this topic:

Rebuilding admin-portal with language changes

However, I am facing a problem because after building the admin-portal web application i am not able to determine which file in the build/web folder should be used to replace public/main.foss.dart.js in invoiceninja.

Can you suggest me which file i need to use?

Can you help me understand why are you’re using the Flutter web app rather than the Flutter desktop app or the React web app?

Note: you may want to review the app’s license

I’ve been using the built-in flutter web app since installing invoiceninja, so I don’t have any other ui projects installed. Should I install a React web app instead of using an existing Flutter web app? Is there any benefit to doing so?

If you’re using the Flutter app it’s much better to use the desktop version, the web version will eventually be deprecated. You can run it with flutter run -d windows or flutter run -d macos.

Thanks, I will try this.