Having some difficulty migrating from v4 to v5

Hi all. Having followed the instructions to migrate from v4 to v5 (hosted), I am experiencing the following issues and unable to resolve.

  1. I appear to have two v5 companies/accounts with my name after migration. The default one that is selected on login does not have my migrated data. The second one has the data, but doesn’t have my chosen subdomain in Settings > Client Portal, so portals do not work. It is using a blank Subdomain and the URL https://.invoicing.co

  2. View PDF does not work for Quotes or Invoices. I tried in Safari, Chrome and Firefox on my Mac. I get a blank grey window with a spinner that does not return an error.

  3. I can neither purge nor delete either v5 account created at migration. I get the following error message on trying to delete:

Error: Failed to execute ‘setRequestHeader’ on ‘XMLHttpRequest’: String contains non ISO-8859-1 code point.

TypeError: Failed to execute ‘setRequestHeader’ on ‘XMLHttpRequest’: String contains non ISO-8859-1 code point.
at Nm.anu (https://invoicing.co/main.dart.js?v=5.2.10:50532:136)

(cannot copy the full error message, as Discourse does not allow more than 2 links for a new user)

  1. v5 automatically converted and sent a new Quote to a client as an Invoice on migrating. I discovered this when I received the client’s “quote approved” and “invoice viewed” notification emails (though he says he could not access the automatically sent invoice). That invoice should not exist yet, much less be emailed to the client.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



  1. You can delete the blank company and set a domain for the active company on Settings > Client Portal

  2. Setting a subdomain may correct this

  3. Not sure about this one, is this before or after you type ‘delete’

  4. @david any thoughts?

Thanks Hillel for your fast reply.

I am unable to save a subdomain for the http://.invoicing.co link as the Save link at the top is greyed out.

When deleting, I type delete and enter my password. Then the error in a popup.

One reason the save button can be disabled is because the data didn’t fully load, it may help to log out then back in.

Do you have a large account?

I have been logging out and in using various browsers during the day. I also downloaded the app to try it. Same issues.

I don’t have a large account. It only has about 6 or 7 invoices as yet with a couple of quotes, as I am trialing the software for use in invoicing.

I have not done the transfer of customers to v5 yet. Am I correct in thinking that that is only to be done when everything works? It should not be done for it to work?

Thanks for the info. Are you able to save any of the settings or is the save button disabled on all settings pages?

This is the first time I’ve seen the “String contains non ISO-8859-1 code point.” error, it’s possible it’s related. If you want to email contact@invoiceninja.com with your account email I can try to reproduce the problem.

I have been able to save a setting change in the Localization page, so that appears to work fine.

In the Client Portal page, I can’t save, but it won’t allow me to continue without choosing to either Discard or Continue Editing in the popup (saving is not possible for me on that page, so I untimately have to discard changes).

I will send an email to you now. Thanks.

Have you filled in a unique value for the subdomain?

Yes, I filled in a unique value and get a checkmark at the end of the line. But the Save is still greyed out.

If you make other changes on the page is save enabled?

Also, do you have a pro account?

No. Using the free account. If I change the Subdomain to Domain, it tells me that an enterprise account is needed. Is it also needed for the Subdomain though it doesn’t say so there?

Thanks, please try the following:

  • On Settings > Company Details clear the name value and click save
  • Navigate to the dashboard, you should see the setup wizard
  • Fill in the company name and subdomain and click save

I’ve done that. When I click save, it asks for my password. Then takes me back to the modal for changing the details, then back to password… in a loop. Not able to get the change completed.

It did change one of the company names to New Company though. But not able to delete either so far.

It may help to logout then back in and try again, by default the app shouldn’t ask for your password for 30 minutes.

That allowed me to rename one of the companies and assign a new subdomain, but no luck with deleting it or saving a domain to the second one that starts with the dot (http://.invoicing.co)

I’d be happy to have all the changes and data wiped from v5. It is a duplicate of v4 data anyway. Possible another way?

@david can you please manually set a subdomain for this company, the email is in the inbox

Thanks for your patience Hillel. I’m also a little confused as to what is editable for Free and what requires Pro in the v5 interface. It seems some settings in Advanced Settings can be changed, but others not.

Can subdomains under Advanced be changed on free accounts? Also, is your view on the delete error message that it may be a code bug that I should wait out for an update?

Everything under the advanced settings requires a paid plan.

The subdomain should be brought over in the migration, there may be a bug there. The only way currently to change the subdomain on the free plan are the steps above.

The delete problem definitely looks like a bug, we’ll look into it.

Ah OK, understood. I thought the changes I had made in selecting the Clean template in Invoice Design were persistent, but maybe they are not. The View PDF feature doesn’t work for me, but there are no error messages visible.

Will v4 continue to be updated and active for some time for those who may not be able to migrate smoothly? I think I will continue to test using v4 if possible and return again to v5 in the future.

It would be good if my attempted migration today could be wiped for a clean attempt at some point later.