Generate e-invoice file (5.5.110 Docker)

Self hosted (Docker 5.5.110)

How exactly e-invoice works.

I don’t see the option to save the invoice in xml or xsig. In my specific case it is for Spain, “e-Factura”.

Thank you.


The option will be added to Settings > Email Settings in the next release of the selfhost app.

It will be available to hosted users in a little while.

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Hi again,

I see the new option, but not where is the download of xml.

@david can you please advise?


We will need to add in the Spanish e-invoice constants to the AP

case "Facturae_3.2":
case "Facturae_3.2.1":
case "Facturae_3.2.2":
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Sounds good, will do…

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I have the Invoice Ninva v.5.5.113 version. Can I generate invoices in facturae format for Spain? I have clients who are in administration and I need to create the invoice so that I can download it in facturae format and signed with the digital certificate, the latter being very important.

Is it possible?


In the next release we will have support for the Spanish e-invoicing, however we have not integrated the digital signing component yet.

Ok, thanks david. Then, in the next version, will it be possible to download the invoice in Facturae format even if it cannot be signed yet? :smiley:


Yes, this is correct, the invoice will be generated but not signed from v5.5.114 which i tagged today.

Hello David,

I have updated to the latest version. I have enabled “E-Invoice” in “Settings” → “Email Settings” → “Enable E-Invoice” and set it to “Facturae 3.2.2”, but I cannot find the option to download a invoice in that format. Can you help me?

Thank you.

Currently it is only embedded in the emails that are sent. We will look to add an option in the UI to download direct also.

Thank you David.

Ideally, it would be possible to download the file from the user interface and digitally sign it with the digital certificate, as the invoice is not valid without it being signed. Normally, this type of invoices are used with public administrations of the country and they do not receive invoices when they are sent by email, but rather they must be uploaded to a platform that they have established.

Do you know when this could be available?

Thank you very much.


I am blocked on the signing as I do not have access to a suitable cert to test with. nor can I find any test certs most likely due to language limitations.

If you can assist with this, it will be trivial to implement.


Hello David,

If you can guarantee me that the file won’t be passed on to a third party and that it will be deleted once the development is completed, I could send you my Spanish digital certificate privately, which is valid for signing invoices in facturae format.

By the way, I’ve noticed that in the latest version, if you enable facturae format in the email settings, it gives an error when downloading in PDF format. I’m not sure why. If I disable the facturae format, the PDF invoices work again.

The ideal scenario (speaking of its use in Spain) would be as follows:

  1. Enable the facturae format.
  2. Go to the invoice and enable a button to download the invoice in facturae format. (without losing the option to download it in PDF as well).
  3. When you click “Download”, choose the certificate and download the digitally signed invoice.
  4. Once downloaded, the company can upload it to the management website for processing.

Thank you.


Sure thing, lets move discussion into a DM and discuss further.


Do I have to configure or do something else?

I have added my certificate with my key, and set the format to 3.2.2. It generates xsig for me, but when I check it with “Autofirma”, which is a utility to see this type of file, it tells me that it is not signed correctly.

My certificate is perfectly valid, I use it daily in the company.

Thank you.


In the next release this will be activated, we are just doing some final testing on this.


I have tagged v5.5.121 with this now activated.

Everything passes for me, including validation on FACe site. One small issue, the existing certificate I was using for testing no longer works for me, however this may be because of my development environment. However testing with another certificate passes as expected.

Let me know if you see issues with signing.

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Sign is ok. Autofirma too.

Thanks @david and @gravit.