Exporting products, clients, and more to CSV or Xls out of Self Hosted White Label 5

I am trying to import all of my exported data from Invoiceasap but in order to set the correct columns for the import of clients, products, services, estimates, invoices, etc… I could not find a specific export for any of those items in Invoice Ninja so that I could use that format for my import.

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In v5 you can export data to CSV using the reports.

Are there specific columns which are missing?

I can give you an example from an export of InvoiceAsap if you like but I don’t know if I can upload here

Company Name | Job Name | First Name | Last Name | Email | Contact Phone | Mobile Phone | Billing Addr1 | Billing Addr2 | Billing City | Billing State Or Province | Billing Postal Code | Shipping Addr1 Shipping Addr2 | Shipping City | Shipping State Or Province | Shipping Postal Code

I’m not sure I understand.

You should be able to map the fields when importing, are there specific fields missing?

I created a couple of test users and did a report but only had a few columns with no addresses… What do I need to import my client list, product list and services list into Invoice Ninja as far as mapping goes? I can copy my data into the correct columns but I don’t know what the column headers in Invoice Ninja need to be. That’s why I sent you a list of my column headers.

Have you tried the CSV import yet?

You can use any column headers, after you upload the file you’ll have a chance to map the columns.

Ok no I haven’t… Normally what I have done in the past is to export from the target and export from the source and copy paste information. I will try the import

THANKS @hillel, … That was VERY Easy

Now, I have products and services. What would you use for Services?


As I was attempting to import my past invoices, I am not seeing Sub Total, Tax, Total, Paid Y / N (just Balance) What would you use for those?

To import an invoice you need to set the line item qty/costs, the app will automatically calculate the total.

Ok, I will try it this morning

Is that for historical invoices as well?

This applies to all invoices imported as CSV

The only problem is that I am having an issue mapping certain fields for the import…

Can you please provide specific examples, we’re working now to improve the CSV import.

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Maybe my terminology for the import cells doesn’t match yours ;)?

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The app doesn’t support importing the total, you need to import the line items and the total will be calculated.

Ok, I was trying to import historical data so that I could COMPLETELY migrate to IN without missing any data