Custom Subscriptions?

I’ve been playing around a bit with the subscriptions feature in v5. It seems like it would be really handy, but I’m not seeing an option anywhere to allow the quantity of a particular product to be modified. We’re an IT company and our monthly subscription price varies by how many client PC’s we’ll be servicing. We’d like to be able to have a set price for the subscription tier, and then essentially add the PC’s as add-ons (if you will) that can be modified. Right now it’s showing only one PC as a product with no way to change that. Is there any way to do this or is this just wishful thinking?


It may work to enable the quantity option in the product settings and then set the quantity on the product itself.

Thanks. I have enabled the quantity option, and it defaults to one. Whenever I look at the subscription page, the end user still has no way of changing the quantity. Also, is there a way to enable the product name/description on the purchase page? It looks rather sparse.

@david can you please advise?

This functionality is built in, but not exposed yet. we’ll look into it.

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