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I need to make a Credit Note, but I don’t see how to do that.
See screenshot:

1/ I entered a credit amount of 40 euro’s
2/ I can only apply this credit note on an existing invoice, but I need a ‘stand-alone’ Credit Note as I need to credit something from last year, where invoices where made in a different application
3/ Also, the amount mentioned is again the invoice amount and not anymore the credit amount previously set, or is this just the invoice price set illustratively? Or do I need to set the credit amount of 45 euros again?
4/ Can I not make a Credit Note like an invoice with a product I want to Credit? As such I know too 45 euro is the netto price withouht the VAT calculated that will be added automatically (like an invoice).

Thx a lot,

We don’t support creating ‘credit invoices’, you can create credits which can be used to create invoice payments.

Not supporting Credit Notes?

That was even a thing I didn’t checked before starting your application as this is a default thing in accountancy.

So it is totally not possible to make a credit note? If yes, how can this be a fully valuable invoicing system?

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You may be able to create a negative invoice, I’m not sure if it will suit your needs though.


In a lot of accountability legal systems (like the Belgian one), credit notes and thus also their credit VAT’s have a separate account to book. A negative VAT due a negative invoice is seen rather as a suspicious action.

That should become a default thing as I planned to promote your product here to my several customers. But due this, rather a complete no-go.

Any quick plans to add this?


Sorry, we don’t have immediate plans to add this.

Does creating a negative invoice work, we may be able to implement a solution using a custom design.

A custom layout would work … but a credit note (or negative invoice) needs it’s own numbering sequence too.

Ok, we’ll keep it in mind for the future.

Maybe for now you could manually track the number sequence?

How to manually track? If I make an negative invoice, it will get for example number 16, following on number 15.

If I then make a new normal invoice it will get number 17, and this following on number 15. Right?

In whole EU is separate Credit Note an obligation. This would help your product a lot (which is great)! :slight_smile:

You’d need to manually change the invoice number for the credit to 1 and then fix the invoice number counter.

Not saying this is a good solution, just trying to find a workaround…

Yes, I see. Will try to do as such.

Would be great to see the Credit Note option soon. Even want to support if u need.


nice discussion! I want to underline that “credit notes with VAT values” ist very important in Germany/EU!
Without this feature this great piece of software is not usable, If you want to have an perfect workflow.


@mmmichael, can you explain what you mean?

Have you tried creating a negative invoice, it seems like the only piece we’re missing is having an auto-increment counter for the credit notes.

It looks great! I did’nt know that the subject “credit note” appears after entering negativ values.

thanks for the fast response!

Hi follow this discussion!
After testing Invoice Ninja, regrettable there is no option creating Credit Invoices.
So like other people says, it is basic required in accounting software in the EU!!!

Hope this adding very soon!

Maybe a first request for helping workflow: if admin creating a negative invoice (credit invoice) => So admin can change the name manually from ‘Invoice’ to ‘Credit Note’.

It is a first step, and hoping a starting point for adding a full option in the dashboard for making ‘Credit Notes’ … :-/

The app supports credit notes, if you create a negative invoice it’s shown as a credit note.

You can enable a separate credit number counter on Settings > Invoice Settings.

Is anything missing?

Oh okay.
Sorry about that, i try this method in the next days.

My apologies!

No worries, let us know if it needs any changes once you’ve tried it.

Okay, thx :wink:

Hi Hillel Coren,

I tested with negative values and it works great, for making credit notes :slight_smile: