credit note

Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!

No problem ?

Just a suggestion for future development.

Most of the times I use a credit note for order cancellations.

Would be nice to automate it further. Now I have to copy the ‘previous’ invoice and add a minus sign for each invoice entry.

Would be nice if one could select ‘Credit note’ in the Invoices screen which auto generates the invoice with a minus for every invoice entry.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi Beamer;

I was able to automate that as you mentioned, I modified the clone functionality to put a minus sign in front of the quantity on each line item, may not work for all cases since it is assuming that all clones are credit notes, but it does the work for invoice cancellations which is why usually people does clone invoices in my case.

You can do this in InvoiceController.php around line 100 in the “if ($clone)” statement, just add a for loop there for the items and the logic and voila!.

Hope that helps.