Connect PO-SO-EX-PROJ-PAY... to each other

Hi All,

I want to connect following docuemtnst to each other.
Purchase order,

it seems possible by project, but in the project client is a must.
for example, I buy something and sell it. but when was buying, I didn’t know the client.
it can be named az DEAL.
create DEAL, and attach all entities to there. ( Invoice, Payment, Quota, Credit,Project,Tasks, Purchase order, Expenses transaction…)
in addition API, getDeal includes all entities,

I am doing it with custom field, it that case I do get all entities one by one, and filter them by custom field to understand which records are related to each other.


Project would be the best option. Is there a specific change you’d like to see us make?

The project is client-oriented.
at the point of starting, while I am creating the PO, I don’t know which client I will sell this good.
and it is not possible to create a Project without a client.

Hmm… not sure the best solution for this, we require a project have a client to ensure the project/task client matches up.

P.S. That verification is not working in React UI. it is possible to select client A in the purchase order(+ invoice ), then Project of Client B in the project field. ( I am not sure if it saves or not, but selection is possible. )

Thanks for letting us know!

cc @ben

@hillel is there anyway then to group entities in one “RECAP” (don’t know is this true concept to mention:smile: )

A custom field may be the best option.

Then there is an other challenge,
is it possible to filter invoices for the custom fields or with any other fields, instead of getting all invoices and filtering them.?

@david can you please advise?


yes, we have a super powerful filter system.

If you inspect InvoiceFilters.php you’ll see the available options.

no InvoiceFilter.php

From this post,

I tried ?custom_value4=XXX, not worked.


you can use ?filter=… this will search for data in all the custom values

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