How to filter invoices using the API

I am having trouble filtering invoices while consuming the API…

For instance, works but filtering by status_id has no effect.

For example, I am trying to get all invoices from a certain client that have an open balance and that were not deleted.

I understand that the clients endpoint gives me the balance for a certain client but I need to know how old the actual invoice is.

The documentation is not very clear, plus I believe that it has a typo…

Lists invoices, search and filters allow fine grained lists to be generated. * * Query parameters can be added to performed more fine grained filtering of the invoices, these are handled by the InvoiceFilters class which defines the methods available



Thank you, that at least returns only invoices that are not deleted (apparently ?status=deleted does the opposite)…

Not sure how to fetch only unpaid invoices though… Where could I find the available filters?



If you inspect the folder app/filters/invoicefilter.php

you’ll see this is where we keep all the logic when filtering data.