Can't change task start time on running task (Android app v5.5.32-A85)

On Android, whenever I start a task, I can’t edit the start time while the task is running - it just goes to a grey screen I can’t interact with. I’m able to change the start time on the desktop app so I’m assuming this is a bug?

I can edit task times that have already been stopped, it’s just running ones that the issue occurs.

Video of this bug happening: InvoiceNinja Tasks bug on Android - YouTube


You’re using an older version of the Android app, can you check if upgrading to the latest version helps?

Just updated to v5.5.32-A97 and it’s producing the same results.

Thanks for trying, we’ll look into it…

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I haven’t been able to reproduce this yet.

  • Are you seeing the error in the web app?

  • If you change the desktop app to use the mobile layout on Settings > Device Settings do you see the problem?

Yes, it occurs in the desktop app (mobile layout) and on the website.

Doing it in the desktop app renders the app unusable without quitting and reopening it, since there’s no ‘Back’ function.

Can you please try loading the webapp using this URL, trigger the error and then check for any details in the browser console?

Console shows the following errors:

1 NoSuchMethodError: t8.endDate is null main.profile.dart.js:127385:17
2 <empty string> main.profile.dart.js:127385:17
3 Another exception was thrown: Instance of 'ErrorSummary' main.profile.dart.js:127385:17

Lines 1 and 2 appeared when first triggering the bug, line 3 appeared when repeating the bug.

Video: InvoiceNinja Tasks Bug (Console Output) - YouTube

Thanks you, that’s helpful!

Thanks, the issue didn’t happen in the demo.

I have sent an email as you have suggested

Thank you, we’ll update you when we have more info.

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We’ve tracked down the problem, we’ll include a fix in the next release.

FYI… the reason the error was occurring in your account but not on the demo was due to having the end date field enabled for tasks.

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Ah perfect thank you! I’ll disable that until the next update is released :smile: