Breaking: 1st name getting overridden with email on pmt import

  1. I imported customers (name, email, all address fields including phone, currency, 1 custom)
  2. I imported payments (all fields except user; used email for client since it’s a unique identifier)
  3. This wiped all my client data except vtd (new) and email. Name is now duped by email.

Why would importing payments nuke my client fields? I tried reimporting customers to fill back in the customer data, but I had errors that these clients already existed (instead of updating the info).

Edit: If I reimport my customer list and ONLY import name+email, would this be fixed? Or would I get dupes?

Note, this is probably related to the other breaking invoice import dupe bug:

Gah, it also wiped customer addresses+phone on pmt import.

I don’t understand:

  1. I imported customers – email (assuming this is the identifier), name, all the address fields, phone, currency

  2. I imported payments – now customers had major edits:

  • All address fields wiped
  • Phone number wiped
  • Custom fields wiped
  • Currency field wiped

The only thing remaining from customers is email, duped email as name. VTD now appears.

Earlier, I tried adding customers last and it’d say the customers already exist (instead of update the info).

EDIT: I was able to reimport again (when is strange – I still have an email from last time when it wouldn’t let me. Perhaps I used the website instead that time?). However, I encountered a new bug where it’d just dupe all my customers,ignoring the unique email id.


@david do you have any thoughts?

I curiously tried importing invoices since it has client name/email:

Sadly, the clients were not updated (which is strange because with payments, it’ll wipe info).

The import is non destructive. It either matches on the client - or - creates a new record.

Hmm, so it’s a bug - the import was very destructive. I was able to repro it multiple times depending on the order I imported things. I’ll make a few foobar csv’s soon with a screencast.

Ooh, If i just reimport name and email, it’ll fix the name slot!

…but when I tried to reimport name - addresses - phone (contact+client), it imported dupes. I thought emails were a unique key? Darn, now I have to purge the entire db for some more trial+error.

I wish there were some previews of what would show when this would be imported – or some override rules.

Paypal-customers-foobar.csv (550 Bytes)
Paypal-invoices-pmts-foobar.csv (1.7 KB)

If a client is not found, a new client is created. If you’d like to provide a client.csv and payment.csv file which is overwriting an existing client we can look into it.

However I have not been able to recreate this.

Created a few tickets:

An idea is to show 100 rows at a time since I only have 800 dupes. It would only take me 8 times to wipe them.

I’m looking for advanced search settings, but can’t seem to find any. I only want to search for name. Since all names have email, I’d simply have to name: *@* or something like that. At 100 pages at a time, I can select them all and delete in 8 batches.

I’m digressing, though, so I’ll make a new post.