[Beginer] How to install Ninja on a Synology DS220+

I just discover Ninja Invoce and it’s look very great. I am very exited to try it.
However my web hosting provider does not offer the possiblity to install and I have a Synology Ds220+.

I would like to try to install it on my NAS but I absolutely no idea. I know some did it successruflly and I would like to know if you can share your expertise.

I heard Docker should be usefull but I do not have experience with Docker as well. Is absolutely necessary?

On my NAS, I can install PHP and MySQL or Maria DB to make it running as a web server.
Would it be ebough or would it be better to install Container Manager?
With Container Manager should I install PHP and MySQL on my NAS, or Container Manager (Docker) contain all necessary package?

It would be great of some would have a step by step procedure or something close,

Many thanks for any help


Maybe this will help:

thanks for your reply.

I also so that package invoiceninja/invoiceninja for docker, and it look updated.

Do you know if it contain PHP, MySQL? I can not find any information about the Operating system runing on that VM. I wonder, I should oly install the container and what mow?


I believe the docker version includes all required dependancies

I missed to write,
In other sense, I wonder if I should better to create a container with ubuntu and then following this tuto

I believe either option should work