Advice - Update/Create payment via API or Pipedream

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I previously ask for advice to setup a Automation in Zapier to create a payment in invoice ninja.

I am now looking at a different system called Pipedream. Great system thus far, only issue is that they do not yet have any Actions for Invoice Ninja like Zapier has.

Thus creating payments would need to be done via the API (I do not have any experience with this but want to learn)

I reviewed the API documentation but still a bit confused as to how. So the information I have in variables is the amount, the date and the invoice number. So what I need to do via different API calls is find the client ID or the Invoice ID via the invoice number and then create a payment with all this information


You can use the /invoices routes to filter the results by number to find the invoice if.

You can use the network tab in the browser console to see a sample API request to create a payment.

Hi @Surgit

maybe you want to give a try.

They have a build in app for InvoiceNinja with 47 modules. One of the module is called “Make an API call” and it lets you do anything that you can’t do with the other 46 modules.

They offer a video academy for free which will help you get started:

If you use this affiliate link, you will get 10.000 operations for free instead of the usual 1.000.


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