Advice - Create Payment with Zapier

Hi All.

I would like to create a automated payment system using email I receive (And info in it) and Zapier.
The Idea I have is the following:

Email received, set to only continue Zap if email is from the bank.
Using formatter, extract data such as Amount paid and Payment reference (Clients will use invoice number as Ref).
Then Create Payment using this information and the Invoice will then be marked as paid

Issue I am having is in Zapier I need to add the client in order to create payment so I am having issues doing this.

Any advice on how to do this or something better would be great :slight_smile:

(Note, Yes I have linked my email and Invoice Ninja)


You can use Zapier to search for the client, if a match isn’t found the client can be created.

Great I managed to get that far. My last issue is with the Date Format when creating the payment.

My current format I input is DD/MM/YYYY but I get an error. Is there another or specific format?

It should work with YYYY-MM-DD

Same issue. I used Zapier’s Date formatter to make sure the format is correct

Can you post the data in/out from the Zapier logs?


If I type that value manually in, it also doesn’t work.

I mean the full request, the problem may be with a different field.

Sorry I am new. Where can I see those logs? Do I need to publish the Zap First (I am still using testing) Or must I just send a screenshot of the Input and Output in the Step?

Thanks, the ‘R’ in the amount field may be a problem.

Same issue. Still says Invalid Date

I believe the message is “Invalid data”, not “Invalid date”.

I think you’ll need to change the invoice number to its id, one option is to add an invoice search step.

Using the invoice Id worked 100%. Thanx :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!