Add Discount for as line in a invoice or budget

In my first post in this forum I would like to thank Hiller Coren and the entire development team for the great work they have done with Invoice Ninja.

I have looked for how to add independent discounts to each line of products in an invoice. According to the information I have found it is possible but I can not find how to do it.

How could I add the discount field to each line of an invoice?

Thank you very much in advance.


You need to add the discount field on Settings > Invoice Design > Product Fields.

Surprised and very grateful for the quick response.

The solution to my problem so obvious and I did not see it, today I am somewhat clueless :wink:

Thank you very much again

I would have another question, would it be possible to add some other custom column, for example, discounted total?

Whether in advanced design or custom developing.

If you add a custom product field on Settings > Invoice Settings it will add a column to the items table.

Been trying to figure this out for 3.5 hours… Hope someone can help?

What I’ve done so far:

  1. Settings > Invoice Settings > Custom Fields > Products > Typed in “Discount” in the first empty box (Saved Changes)

  2. Settings > Invoice Design > Product Fields > Dragged “Discount” (Which is now showing up) down so it appears next to “Line Total” (Column 4 out of the 5 columns) (Saved Changes)

  3. When creating an invoice it shows the Discount column and when I add a discount #, on the PDF it displays the Discount column and shows the number I entered. Problem is that it’s not actually discounting anything.

  4. How do I make it subtract the quantity I type into the discount field, from the line item?

  5. How can I show somewhere before Tax at the bottom, total discounts all added up?

  6. Bonus question…

What does this mean and how does it work?:
In: Settings > Invoice Settings > Custom Fields > Products
It shows the following statement below the second box:
“Add a field when creating a product or invoice and display the label and value on the PDF. Use Label|Option1,Option2 to show a select box.”

I just don’t understand… am I supposed to put this code somewhere with my own options?
Where do I put this “Label|Option1,Option2”?
Please give an example of the dropdown and how it could be used for a discount?

  1. Most importantly, I’d like to sometimes offer a $ amount discount on a line item… other times a % discount. How can I acheive this?

Thank You!!! BTW, I love Invoice Ninja so far, happy I paid for it!
MUCH better than my previous app!!

I think you should probably remove the custom field, it won’t affect the totals. Step 2 is what you needed.

You can use the amount/percent dropdown next to the discount field at the top of the page to change how the discount is applied.

Thanks for the quick response.

If I remove the custom field from Step 1, I don’t see the line item discount entry in Step 2.

I see at the top I can choose Amount/Percent, but that applies to the total invoice. I have hardware and software in these invoices, I want to discount only one single line item, not the whole invoice.

Also, Is there a video or anywhere thats explains in detail what I’m referring to in #7 in my previous post?

Any ideas?


Not sure, do you want post a screenshot?

You can leave the invoice discount blank and just set a line item discount, the dropdown affects all discounts on the invoice.

Sorry, we don’t have a video for it. I’d suggest trying it out to see how it works.

By “Just set a line item discount” do you mean adding a line with a -$.$$ amount?

I dont know how to add a line item discount. If theres a way to be able to add it, I cant see anywhere I can enter the amount of discount.

I have a feeling I missed a really obvious step here somewhere. Sorry!

What should I send a screenshot of?

Adding the discount field on /settings/invoice_design#product_fields should add a new line item field in the edit invoice form.

Maybe you added your custom field rather than the system discount field?

This is all I see. How do I add the discount product?

It should be listed in the product fields dropdown.

Hmmm… This is all I see.

What’s ‘Adj’?

Did you rename the discount field on the Invoice Labels tab?

I did rename it to adj… Looks like when I just deleted the Custom Field, the Product I created, showed up!

Thank you!!! Its working now :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Great to hear!

Heya! Is it possible to show the line item Discounts totalled at the bottom, similar to the way it shows the discount when you discount an entire invoice? I cant discount the entire invoice because theres hardware in there too. thanks!

I don’t believe so