Zipair pluging to invoice njnja

I am having a hard time getting this to work trying to connect
the first part is easy but last part connecting Zapier to InvoiceNinja is complex i don’t understand your instruction.
Common Problems with Invoice Ninja on Zapier | Invoice Ninja | Help & Support | Zapier
I am very close I can’t get it to work. , I get error

see picture…


You need to create a token in the web app and then supply the token in the Zapier config

I have created the token how do I add it to the Zapier config.
Provided an example that will be great…Picture below

When you create the token it should show you the random string to use

Hi Hillel , I have ramdom number but don’t know where to add it. Do i added to API URL at the end, /52552622552252111252
Please explain little more sorry learning as i go…

In the screenshot above where you have Zapier1

I deleted your screenshot because it includes your token, we don’t recommend sharing it.

Sorry, not sure why you’re still seeing an error.

Thank you, i just generated a new Token to be sure but I do get this error. Kindly, provided me the URL that should be set as (example) because I would like to use this can’t use looking to solve this.
help… should I be looking for direct or set folder permission.

Try remove app/ in your URL

Same error : authentication failed: Got 404 calling GET, expected 2xx.

V1 , upper case or lower case still same error.
The question, does it should be pointing to the directory folder?

Try adding /public before /api

We have tried that please look at the previous pictures you may see with the public folder.

Try to remove app/ in your URL

It worked connected , Wow …

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