Zelle Payment Type not showing

Can anybody else confirm whether they have Zelle listed as one of the payment types in their self-hosted v5 instance? It seems like it was there in v4, and there was a mention of it being re-added in v5.2.17. It’s mentioned in the source code, and it’s listed in my DB:


but unless I’m blind I can’t see it in my self-hosted v5.3.34-C68 instance:


What am I missing?


  • Does it help to search for Z?

  • Are you using the latest v5?

Hi @hillel.

Searching for “Z” only pulls iZettle:


I am running the latest Docker version, v5.3.34-C68

Thank you very much for your help.

It may help to load /update?secret=

@david any other ideas?

No luck (assuming the secret parameter is supposed to be empty). I also tried it with a different browser to rule out a cache issue. I’ll keep poking around.

Thank you again.

/update should do the job with this.

Thanks, @david. Alas, calling /update alone made no difference.

I’m going to try firing up a clean instance to see if the issue occurs there.

OK, got it to show. It’s some kind of server-side cache issue because I spun a new instance using the same DB and now it’s there… along with a bunch more:


I’ll deal with these, but at least the one I needed is showing up now.

I kept backup of the original public/storage directories if you’d like me to try to help debug this in any way.

Thank you both again very much for your time.

edit: Trying to debug on my own: php artisan optimize does not solve the issue.

For anyone else running into this issue, this is how I was able to clean up the list with (so far) no side effects:

  1. Stop the Docker container.
  2. Delete the storage/framework/cache directory.
  3. Create a new storage/framework/cache directory, change ownership to 1500:1500.
  4. Start the container back up.
  5. Load example.net/update

I don’t know why the last step didn’t fix this issue on its own.

If you end up with extraneous payment methods like I did, they must be deleted from the database, then repeat the steps above.

Hope it helps someone. Thanks again for your help guys!