Zapir BigCartel + Invoice Ninja

I searched on this topic but couldn’t find anything similar.

I want to connect Invoice Ninja with BigCartel via zapir. The connection seems possible but I always get an error on the IN side. The zap I want to implement is new order → e-mail invoice. Zapir is correctly connected to my invoice ninja account. it seems there is no communication from IN.

Thank you for your help.


Can you share the error you’re seeing?

It may also help to see a screenshot of how the zap is configured and the data in/out for a sample zap in the logs.

There is only one value required for invoice ninja and that is the Client ID - if I only connect the ID it still won’t work so I guess it has nothing to do with the actions.

Can you please also share the zap config and data in/out?

Because of the error there is no in and out created.

422 typically indicates a valid request, but the payload fails validation,

Zapier should have - somewhere - the contents of the data in/out

Thanks for the screenshot, it doesn’t look like you’re passing a valid invoice id.