Zapier - upload to Google Drive

Before I start, I love Invoice Ninja and do not regret buying the whitelabel!

I’m having some difficulties with Zapier. I’ve connected my selfhosted instance without any difficulties. I want to upload new files to my Google Drive.

The problem is that I cannot tell Zapier how to access the PDF.

Sadly, the invitations key is an array? I keep getting errors, for example:**{{112570246__invitations[]key}}**

The app returned “Not Found”.

Can someone please tell me which option to pick, so Zapier will download the file?


I suggest checking the data in/out in the Zapier logs to see what data is coming back from the app.

I’m getting a not found, do you have a sample on how to get to the PDF?

I’m not sure, the link doesn’t look correct to me. I suggest checking with Zapier directly to see if they have any suggestions.

cool, will do - thank you