Zapier & recurring invoices

I’m testing using Zapier to create a recurring invoice that I’d like to be sent out to the client upon submission. I’m running into a few issues however. First the autobill is off - even if you set it to “yes” in Zapier (which is a different setting than I’d have expected based on the dashboard view). Second is I can’t get the invoice to automatically email to the client on submission of the trigger. Again, the setting in Zapier is “Email Invoice” and the settings are blank/yes/no and I’ve tested all three options and it doesn’t send the invoice.


The auto-bill setting is for standard invoices and determines if we should auto-bill an individual invoice, we’ll need to add an auto-bill option (off\opt-in\opt-out\always) for recurring invoices.

Likewise, the email option currently only applies to standard invoices. Recurring invoices should be automatically sent by the cron. You can increase the frequency if you want it sent sooner.

Ah thanks Hillel - so part of this is making sense now. The The cron would be why I wasn’t seeing the invoices get sent out right away. For the auto bill portion I’m still unclear as when I create a standard invoice I don’t see an “autobill” field anywhere? I only see this field on the new recurring invoice page.

In the webapp (assuming you have a token) you can auto-bill a standard invoice by clicking ‘View as recipient’ and then Pay Now/Use card on file. When you set auto-bill to true in Zapier or the API this is basically what happens.