[Zapier] Multiple Line, Add VAT


I’m discovering zapier and I’m struggling to do two things:

Here is my zap:
Trigger: ‘New Spreadsheet Row’ (Google Sheet)
Action: ‘Create Invoice’ (Invoice Ninja)

  • I didn’t manage to have multiple lines to have for example 2 products in the invoice.

  • I didn’t manage to add the field VAT with zapier, can’t find it in ‘Edit Template’ menu in zapier. I tried to add it (hard code it?) from the ‘Custom Invoice Field1 & 2’ but none of this field appear on the invoice.

Thanks a lot for your help,

EDIT: I saw that somebody asked for multi line too few post below but with email trigger, I don’t know if there is any difference?

  • Currently you need to use an array as the input to create multiple line items, in the future we plan to support using a comma separated list of product keys.


  • You can set the VAT Number in the ‘Create Client’ action.

Hi Hillel,

Thanks for your reply.

The client’s email is used as the client’s primary key, right? Because if the client already exist and I create an invoice with zapier, it looks like it is working. Would’nt it be nice to be also able to use a ‘unique client number’ as primary key?

I didn’t get how to use arrays. I add this in the google sheet {product 1 ; product 2} for collunm product, {1 ; 3 } in collumn quanty, … Can you guide me a bit more please?


Agreed, for the future…

I’m not sure if the spreadsheet supports arrays, I’d suggest following up with Zapier for help.