Zapier InvoiceNinja Google Calender event

I want to create a Google Calender event but some fields are missing in InvoiceNinja action. Can you look into this?

Some background:
I want to create invoices for rentals. So maybe one, maybe several items. I thought about planning that in Google calendar.

So the process is:
A. reservation confirmation email -> InvoiceNinja Invoice
B. Invoice Ninja Invoice -> Google calender

I have three questions/problems:

  1. In Zapier action I can only select one Google Calender
  2. Zapier Action requires a Start Date & Time and a End Date & Time field
  3. Can I insert multiple Invoice Ninja Fields in one Google Calender field via Zapier?

Ad 1.
I have multiple resources. I thought about setting up a calender per resource so I can check the availability, but I guess this is not possible in combination with Zapier and InvoiceNinja???

Ad 2.
I created two custom invoice fields for a start date and a end date. So I can enter dates like 12-02-2016. I guess I have to enter something like 2/13/2014 8pm to make it work, but this shows on invoices too. It is a bit confusing as in Europe customers are more accustomed to the day/month/year. And would it be possible to enter only a date and that the time defaults to something like 8 am?

Ad 3.
This is in case I can’t automate multiple calenders with Zapier and invoiceninja. I can then use one calender and put in the description field of Google calender two invoiceNinja fields: Client name and Invoice Items. Is this possible?

  1. I’d think you’d need one zap per calendar.
  2. You may be able to set the time in the zap by combining the date with a time string.
  3. I believe Zapier should support selecting multiple fields.

Custom fields are not in the Invoice Ninja trigger in Zapier.

Could you look into adding more fields in the Invoice Ninja trigger so that my two custom invoice fields would be shown?

Sure, I’ll look into adding them.

I’ve added ‘Custom Field 1’ and ‘Custom Field 2’, let us know if you have any trouble using the new fields.

Got an error message:
Bargle. We hit an error creating a detailed event. :frowning: Error:
Required field “Start Date & Time” (start__dateTime) is missing. Required field “End Date & Time” (end__dateTime) is missing.

I added the InvoiceNinja Fields Custom Field 1 and Custom Field 2 in the Zapier action.

I then checked the Zapier trigger (New Invoice by InvoiceNinja) and the fields Custom Field 1 and Custom Field 2 were not listed (see ‘Test this step’). So that explains that they are missing in the Zapier Action.

Can you check on this?

To clarify… are you asking us to add the custom invoice fields to the ‘Create Invoice’ action?

I’m not sure if it is an action or a trigger?

I setup the following Zapier:
Trigger: New Invoice (InvoiceNinja)
Action: New Detailed Event (Google Calendar)

So I thought I needed the custom invoice fields in the trigger instead of the action. But correct me if I’m wrong.

I’ve updated the Trigger, when you have a chance please re-test.

Got some strange results first, but corrected the timezone of zapier.

What I noticed is that the calendar entry get’s on top of the date instead of in the calendar. I also tried the setting in zapier for “Force all day event” to no or yes, but with no difference.

I put a screenshot here to clarify this:

Also I think some fields are missing in the Trigger. In my case I’m missing:
Client name
Client adress
Client city

I’m not sure there’s anything we can do to fix the date being on top.

We’re working to add the client fields to the invoice zap with our next release.

When is the next release planned?

It should be within 1 or 2 weeks.

Looking forward to it. Thanks.

Did you already deployed? Any ETA change?

Can you please add “client - currency” as well?


We hope to deploy our latest in changes in 1 to 2 weeks but the release is frozen.

We’ll look into adding the client currency in our following release.