Zapier & Invoice PDFs

In V4 we were using Zapier to automatically download invoice PDFs to specific folders once payments were made. This was accomplished by telling Zapier to find the associated invoice, then asking OneDrive to upload the file from the PDF link provided by Invoice Ninja (e.g.…).

After migrating to V5 and trying to recreate this workflow in Zapier, there doesn’t seem to be a link to the invoice PDF anymore. I’m using the “Find Invoice” action via the Invoice Ninja app in Zapier and selecting “Yes” in the “Include PDF” field. How do I make this work again?

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Thanks for reporting this, we’ll look into it.

Sounds good - thanks. A lot of busy work for us until we can automate again!

Hi, any updates on making the PDF invoices available in Zapier? Thanks!

Sorry, no update yet but it should hopefully be available soon

We release a new version of the Zapier integration, when you have a chance please try again.

This is working now - thanks!

Thanks for the update, glad to hear it!