Zapier HELP! Need to integrate Invoice Ninja to Shipstation


I’m desperate … I’ve emailed … but I hope I can reach a mod to make a few (hopefully simple) changes to the way Invoice Ninja integrates with Shipstation … like asap. I love this platform and want to use it for all my shipping needs as well.

At our most basic need, I need to pull new invoices into Shipstation as new orders. This requires someone at Invoice Ninja to login in to their Zapier account and add additional fields for the trigger “New Invoice” to perform the action “Create Order”

Presently, the only field that identifies a client from an invoice is “Client ID” and that does not provide the necessary fields to produce a shippable order (like buyer name, email, address, city, state, etc). Below are the data points I need added (sorry if this is TMI):

{{114648319__name}} <—The customer’s company name)

Also, if you truly love us … we need the Country Code as two letters. Like instead of United States, we need “US”.

That should get this zap in PERFECT minimal awesome shape … pretty pretty please. I hope this isn’t too much to ask. Those fields were pulled from the trigger “New Client” … but they’re not available for the “New Invoice” trigger to “Create Order” in Shipstation.

PLEASE. Like FR … please help?

Did I mention I’ll send free e-liquid for whoever can do this before Monday 3/1?


You should be able to add a “Search Client” step to load the client info using their id.

Really? Hmmm. I can look into that. The reason I requested this to be added is because the free plan only allows single step zaps. Adding that as a step makes it a multi step zap and requires a minimum payment plan of $24/month. That’s double what I’m playing for invoice ninja.

Hi @Vapewell

Take a look at Integromat They have a free plan where you can have multiple modules. The free plan allows 2 scenarios and 1.000 operations per month.

You can get the Basic plan (10.000 operations) for free for 1 month if you use this link:



Ok … I spent a little more time with Integromat (I tried yesterday and it stumped me on how to use it, but I got it today).

Looks like it’s working and pulling correctly … thanks for the tip on adding the ‘search client’ step!!

I got an error with the “Phone” field (both the billing and shipping section wouldn’t take it) … but I just put “NA” and it pulled ok. And there’s no field for the Country code.

Any solution ideas for those? This is at least minimally functional for us now! Thanks!

You’ll need to contact Integromat directly to request any changes.