zapier able to create lines?

Wanting to use zapier to pass across lines from a google sheet to form lines of an invoice.
am i right that i can only create a whole new invoice per line at present?
any plans to allow zaps to add lines to an invoice?

We support multiple line items using arrays

I’m still struggling.

I’ve tried this with an array, e.g. ={A9:W11}, which created 3 separate lines which appeared on 3 separate invoices for the same test customer.
I also tried a constrained array, e.g. =ARRAY_CONSTRAIN({A4:W7},1,23), but this created just 1 line on one invoice.

Can you advise?

Sorry, I’m not sure how to make this work using a spreadsheet.

I think you’ll need to follow up with Zapier for help.

On Mon, Jun 27, 2016 at 8:15 PM PDT, Zapier <> wrote:

Thanks for reaching out! The thing with Line item support in Zapier is that we specifically need to support it in order to work. A good rule of thumb here is: Both the trigger and action app must have line item support.

Problem here is that Google sheet doesn’t have special coding that supports line item support. So each time a row of data is entered in the Sheet, this would trigger the Zap and create a separate invoice. –Does that make sense?

I’m afraid the bad news here is that none of our Spreadsheet integration supports line items (arrays)

Paolo Papa
Customer Champion - Zapier

So can you tell me what is commonly used to import lines to invoices? I’m not tied to spreadsheets, just looking for an efficient way of pulling the right information out of my system and into InvoiceNinja.

The most common method is to use our API rather than Zapier, we only added support for line items about 6 months ago.

If you’d like to stick with Zapier you may want to ask them for suggestions (sorry to pass you back to them).

I’ve asked. We’ll see.

Am I making things really complicated? Is there a quick and simple way to upload the lines? If not, can it be created if we fund it? Keen to move forward with Invoice Ninja.


I’m sorry, we aren’t able to make custom changes.

One thought is our Wave import supports multiple lines items, if you format a spreadsheet with the following columns you may be able to use it to import your data.

customer, description, invoice_num, po_so, account, product, amount, quantity, invoice_date, currency, due_date

Note: we don’t support deleting data so I’d suggest testing in a dummy account.