Zap not triggering in V5 with new invoice creation

Hello, Im new to invoice ninja but I’m trying to make it so that when I create an invoice in Invoice ninja, a ZAP triggers an event to create an invoice in QBO. I can get each part to test fine all the way through the process but it won’t operate when I turn the ZAP on. I create an invoice but it doesnt trigger. There are no errors reported. I’ve worked with Zapier a few days on this and they believe it is a bug in the ninja program. Has anyone else encountered an issue like this? If so is there a work around?



Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into it.

Looks like the the techs got the ZAP to trigger. Got the first invoice to auto upload to QBO.

Edit. I guess I spoke to soon haha. For some reason it only worked once

Looks like this is working seamlessly now. I’ve tried it on about 10 different invoices with multiple line items and everything looks like its coming across to QBO fine.


Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!

Hi @Archon - I’m having the same issue, first my Zap for copying an Invoice Ninja invoice over to Quickbooks using the v4 API stopped working (of course right before the first of the month when about 50 invoices auto-billed) and I couldn’t get it to reconnect.

So Zapier & Invoice Ninja said migrate to v5. I did. But the Zaps still aren’t working. So I’m curious if there was something specific that you/Zapier/IN did to fix it?


@rvgeeks As far as the trigger goes. I just checked to make sure that I had “invoice ninja latest” and put in the v5 api. It wasn’t working for the first week then I think ninja did something on the backend to fix.

Are you referring to the same invoices that didn’t come through the first time arent coming through now or are there are new ones not coming through?

Is the issue that it doesn’t trigger the invoice into the ZAP or is it some other point along the way when you look at the run history?

@Archon - they were new ones that weren’t coming through, but it seems like the issues was the setting in Invoice Ninja for generating the Invoice Number. I had it set for “on send” instead of “on save”… and that appeared to be the glitch. Changing it has fixed the problem and new invoices created in Invoice Ninja are properly triggering the Zap.

Appears to be working now, thanks!