Wrong zip code and city in variable

I recently noticed a strange behavior when creating a pdf (invoice or quote) for any customer. The billing address I get from $client.address in my custom layout is partially wrong.

Road is correct but zip code and city are the same for every customer. It’s a valid combination of zip code and city and for some of my customers it’s correct, but I get the same value for every customer now.

Of course I checked the customer settings in customer -> details -> billing address and everything is ok. I also edited the billing address but also the new value is ignored. The value is correctly saved in the database too (db -> clients -> client -> postal_code).

I got this behavior in IN v5.2.4 and v5.2.5.


Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david @ben


Thanks for reporting this, i’ve checked in a fix in v5-develop. This will be available in the next release.


Thanks for that. I tried the changes and address is correct again.


Thanks for letting us know!