Wrong string translation in French Canadian

in the PDF invoice and quote total, the deposit translation is wrong.
Partial Due mean : Dépôt demandé or Montant partiel. (Not Total)

if I change de Label manually its dosnt work. Maybe the string variable is not working properly…


If it’s wrong the real solution is to correct it here but I believe you should be able to add a custom label on Settings > Localization.

Already try. if I change de Label manually its dosnt work…

@ben do you have any thoughts?

see pdf screen shot and Label in Setting

Hey there, my colleague just checked in some fixes for custom translations that could be connected to this. I suggest waiting for the next release & updating your version. If it still happens, please let us know.

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Hi @sod,

In found out that my thread is partially related to yours: Forcing reloading “currencies” tab in db (after editing CAD for CA_FR) - v5 Self-hosted - Discourse (invoiceninja.com)

I found a solution to correctly display Canadian French monetary values, and I see that your screenshots show the English way, so feel free to follow my steps.


hi charles,

unfortunely it doesnt work. The problem is not the curency anyway, but thanks.

this is the problem :
in the preview mode its good:

In the edit mode its good too:

But not in the PDF

i thing that the PDF generator take the wrong string variable… maybe.

@sod Yeah sorry, I didn’t mean to hijack your thread and not consider the issue at hand, but I just figured that the currency display in CA_FR was also wrong so you may have wanted to check that too.

That being said I just started using IN and I have yet to output a “real” invoice, so I’ll look into your PDF issue, as it will certainly affect me to, since I use CA_FR regional settings.

my apologies, I should have said Ca_fr. :confused: