Wrong PDF layout in Italian

Hi everybody,
I’ve noticed that using italian language, in the PDF the “Unit Cost” (“Costo Unitario”) is in 2 lines and the second line is cut.
Here you can see an example: https://postimg.org/image/wjpqvk2tr/

This happen in the “Clean”, “Business”, “Playful” and “Photo” model.
Sorry for the reply, but I don’t see anymore the “Edit” link, is it available only for some minutes after the post creation?

I think you have two options.

You can either change the label (Costo Unitario) to something shorter or change the column widths to create more space. You can change the widths on /settings/customize_design by switching from Form to Code and replacing “$invoiceLineItemColumns” with [“15%”, “40%”, “15%”, “15%”, “15%”]

Thanks Hillel,
doing so gives me this error: “TypeError: v is undefined”.

Which approach did you use?

I’ve replaced “$invoiceLineItemColumns” with [“15%”, “40%”, “15%”, “15%”, “15%”].

I think the quotes are off from the forum, try this.

["15%", "40%", "15%", "15%", "15%"]

No no, the quote were a problem, but I’ve already replaced them.
The error should be something else.

If you have any additional columns (ie, line item taxes or custom fields) you’d need to change the number of column sizes. Also, there needs to be a comma at the end of the line.

I see.
I didn’t add anything by hand, but now I see that there are 6 column but just 5 value.
Problem solved.
Thanks for your patience!

Nice, great to hear!