Wrong letters in translation

When I email an Invoice the translation in the email has not the right letters for Slovenian language. It has in the editor but not in the generated email. My language is set to English and I want to send the Invoice in Slovenian language. Thanks!
Here is a screenshot:


If you’re using the default templates you can change the client’s language to adjust the emails.

Another option is to create a group for each language and define custom templates.

I did this but the leters ščž are not visible, instead they are translated to wrong letters. For instance: “vašega računa” it translate to “vaega rauna”

Look at the picture closely…the generated (lower part of the picture is wrong) Upper is generated right. Thanks!!


Can you confirm is the issue is just in the preview, or does the actual email also send it out incorrectly? Sometimes the preview may not encode the characters correctly.

I sent an invoice to myself and it is the issue just in the preview! It is ok with me! Thank you!! Kind regards