Wrong labels in dashboard

Here’s something else I noticed, purely cosmetic:

Whenever the dashboard is loaded, it will keep the last view used (in my case, it’s the THIS YEAR) view as indicated by the arrow on the far right. But the labels shown are for LAST 30 DAYS. If I change the view, the labels change accordingly, it’s only when the dashboard page is accessed that this happens.

Also, I see that you kinda managed to fix the graph issue that I reported earlier. In the above example it is now showing the correct values for April and previous months, although it added May with zero values. Well, that works for me :smiley:

Thanks for pointing this out, it’s a bug. In v3.2 we now store the last used date range, we need to update the initial text to match. It’ll be fixed in our next major release. I’ll also look into the extra month at the end.

No need to hurry Hillel :wink: